Since its foundation, the Academy of Patient Organisations (BETA) aims at helping the development of Hungarian Non-Governmental Organizations which are involved in health protection, patients’ rights, and the preservation of interests of disabled people, chronically ill people or other patients.

As we are concerned that the cornerstones of such an initiative can only be lain together with patient organisations, we have developed the details of the programme using online research carried out by the Hungarian National Patient Forum and the results of an Expert’s Forum of patient organisations.

This way, we can consider the most important questions, as well as the development opportunities regarding the patient organisation sector in our programme.


4 Main Aims of The Academy of Patient Organisations:

Educational lecture series

Compiling educational lecture series and online material to help Hungarian patient organisations function and improve their skills in the best way based on their needs.

Giving help

Helping patient organisations create material about diseases, disseminate professional information regarding research and development and clinical trials.


Building a bridge between patients and doctors for better cooperation.


Helping develop the network of patient organisations, so that they can better avail of their opportunities for well-informed patients.

Results of the Hungarian National Patient Forum’s online research

The results of the Hungarian National Patient Forum’s online research (March 2016) about issues regarding patient organisations. The research has identified the following 6 important problems based on answers from 56 patient organisations:

  • lack of funding / fundraising;
  • patients’ rights;
  • recruitment of volunteers;
  • communication about diseases;
  • lack of succession;
  • network development.